Friday, July 20, 2012

Crazy RiteAid Makeup Haul

Hey everyone! So if you didn't know already, the RiteAid in my area closed down. It closed down a while ago and this haul is a month old. SMH This haul was probably done a week before they closed and everything in the store was 75% off!! There wasn't that much left because I came a little late into the sale and all the makeup was thrown into boxes. It was so messy lookig through the boxes. There was some spilled nail polishes and opened lipsticks. It was just such a hassle but because everything was 75% off, I made myself look through every box twice. LOL I didn't get that much because I was with my little brother and he was bothering me the whole time to go home. He kept on saying "Lisa, you already have too much makeup. You don't need anymore. Let's go!" He was constantly pulling on my arm too. SMH Sometimes its a good thing when he does that but when its 75% off, you can't beat a deal like that. I sort of even regret not buying more because people were going crazy on the makeup.

I didn't get much because I wanted to limit myself. I just bought a couple of products that I have been wanting to try but couldn't justify paying full price for them and a backup for my all time favorite foundation. I also bought two lip products for my mom because she has been on the hunt for long lasting lip products. Here are all the items that I bought:

Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Powder Palette "Beige Pearl"
I have never tried these before but I heard that these make great highlighters. On the back of the packaging, it says that its "unique palette of multi-colored pearls blends together to create an instantly glowing complextion and a perfectly even skin tone." I plan on using this as a highlight for the top of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. Summer is the perfect time to start using this.
Almay Clear Complexion Foundation "600 Sand"
This is my overall favorite foundation. I have back ups of this. Right now I am on my last one on the old packaging. I can't wait to start using the ones in the newer packaging because they come with pumps! I don't know if this is the correct shade for me but it was 75% off. I figure that if its too light, I can use bronzer all over and if its too dark, I can use a lighter foundation. Either way, I can't really go wrong.
L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer "862 Light"
I haven't seen any reviews on this concealer so I don't really know if its any good. I bought this mainly because its a concealer thats supposed to give off a glow. I thought it would be perfect for the under eye area since it will give my face a brighten look. I actually wasn't going to buy this because it was covered in something sticky but since it was completely sealed in plastic, I bought it anyways since I can always remove the plastic sealing and it would be clean.
Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer "340 Buff"
This is another concealer that I haven't tried yet but its pretty much the same concept as the L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer. Its a gel based concealer that illuminates shadows while concealing the under eye area. You can use this around the inner corner of your eyes, on the top of your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and on the corners of your mouth. I wanted to buy a lighter shade but Buff was the only one that I could find, digging through all the boxes.

L'Oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner "960 Eggplant"
I have been on a hunt for the best gel/cream eyeliner. So far I have tried the one by Maybelline, ELF Stduio, and WnW. The ELF Studio was not my favorite because it dried up within a couple of days o using it. My favorite for right now is the Maybelline one but its sort of pricey for a drugstore liner. Since this one was 75% off, I decided to give it a try. I have always wnated to give this liner a try but its pretty pricey regular price. Sorry about the dirty packaging. I think some pink nail polish spilled and some got onto the packaging and dried.
L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments "914 Intrepid"
I actually thought that these were discontinued a long time ago but I have now been spotting these in other stores as well. I don't really like using pigments that much because they are messy to apply but I couldn't pass this up because its a gorgeous shade. I also remember reading somewhere that its a complete dupe to Too Faced Label Whore and MAC Club but both are pressed shadows while Intrepid is a loose pigment. Intrepid is a gorgeous green-teal with shimmer.
L'Oreal 24HR Infallible Eyeshadow "889 Midnight Blue"
Midnight Blue is a gorgeous shade. Its a navy blue with a black base. I wasn't even going to buy this because I'm more of a fan of neutral shades. I have never worn blue shadow before and the only thing blue that has even gone on my eyes is blue eyeliner but never blue shadow. I have been wanting to give these a try since they came out and since it was 75% off, I had to get it. Hopefully I will find some way to wear it on my eyes without looking like I got punch in the eyes. LOL

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm + Stain "Flame"
This is a lip product that I bought for my mom. She has been on the search (or should I say that I have been on the search for her LOL) for the best long lasting lip product. My mom doesn't really have anything in mind and doesn't care if its a gloss or a lipstick as long as it lasts all day so I thought that she could give this a try. If you know any lip product that would provide all day color on the lips (without having to reapply constantly throughout the day), please let me know. I have heard great reviews on the Revlon Lip Balm Stains but I am waiting for those to go on a good sale before I buy them. Haha!
CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor "619 Lingering Spice"
I remember hearing Judy from ItsJudyTime rave about these CG lip products and how long they last on the lips. I was actually looking for a pink shade but this was the only one that I could find. I have tried one before and I didn't really like it. My mom wanted a lip product that would give her lips the long lasting color. I am guessing maybe that they changed the formula since Judy loves them so much. This comes with a lip gloss that is supposed to stay on all day on your lips and comes with a lip balm to give your lips moistured during the day.

So that is all for my 75% off RiteAid haul. I did end up going back when they had their 90% off but I didn't get much and haven't taken pictures yet. I will try to get that haul posted up sometime this month, maybe sooner. If you guys have tried any of these products before, definitely let me know how you like them. Plus if you would like to see reviews and/or swatches on any of these products, definitely let me know. If you have questions on any of these products, let me know as well by either messaging me or leaving a comment below and I will try my best to answer them.

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  1. The Physicians Forumula Pearl palette is really pretty! I used to use it quite often, makes a beautiful highlight on the cheeks. The Revlon balm to is nice also, I wear it instead of "long lasting" lipsticks. Great haul!

    1. Thats great to hear that you like the PF Pearl. I haven't given it a try yet but can't wait soon! I keep trying to remember to use it but by the time it comes to apply a highlighter, I always forget to take it out. LOL

  2. Cool haul! love all those products!
    Follow me? xoxo, Jen

    1. Thanks, glad that you like my haul and the products that I bought.


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