Monday, July 9, 2012

OOTD: Laid Back Butterfly Shirt

Hey everyone! I haven't done one of these OOTDs in such a long time. I think I did my first one a couple of weeks back and haven't done another one since. SMH The weather in California has been really weird these past few weeks. Summer is supposed to be here yet it was windy and cold last weekend. Now the sun is out and the weather now seems normal. Since the weather is all sunny, I decided that it was finally time to bring out the shorts again!

This is actually what I wore yesterday. For my outfit, I am finally wearing a shirt that I bought from Target. Its so cute! I love how it looks. Its pretty much a sheer crop shirt but what makes it unique is that the back is cut open. I don't know the name of the style but I will just call it butterfly style for now. LOL Its actually pretty cute and hopefully, it will show well in the picture. I took pictures of what the shirt looks like in the front and as well as in the back. Of course, I had to wear a black cami underneath because the shirt is sheer and open in the back. It would probably be cute over a bikini top but I wasn't going to the beach and was just going shopping.

Top: Mossimo by Target
Black Cami: Forever21
Shorts: Mossimo Target
Shoes: Dolce Vita by Target

Wow, I didn't know that almost the whole outfit, apart from the cami, was all bought at Target. Besides the top being my favorite piece from this outfit, the shoes are my favorite as well. I bought these shoes a long time ago and they are so comfortable. I wear these pretty much everytime I go out. They are sort of like wedges but you can't really tell from the way the picture is angled. Plus they have zippers in the back, which I really like. They are pretty much like gladitor style wedges! So that is all for my OOTD! Hope you all liked it!

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