Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SPOTTED: WnW Fergie Nail Polish

Hey everyone! Can you believe that WnW is now collaborating with Fergie and she now has her own line of nail polishes? I don't know if these polishes are limited edition or if they are going to have a permenent display in the drugstores. Each polish retails for $3.49USD. So far, I am only seen this line of polishes at Walgreens so I don't know if its exclusive to Walgreens. If you have seen this at other stores, definitely let me know. I love how on the display, it says "rock all sides of the dutchess."

There are a total of 124 new shades in this collection. According to the WnW beauty website, "this exclusive collection is a reflection of the singer's versatility, with looks ranging from rock-star glam to phunky hip to viciously edgy." This collection contains neons, confetti, metallics, chromes, and glitters! In this collection, the shades names are:

➸ New Years Kiss
➸ Going Platinum
➸ Grammy Gold
➸ Glamorous
➸ Flossy Flossy
➸ Kaleldoscope Eyes
➸ Miami Spirit
➸ Glowstick
➸ Hollywood Walk of Fame
➸ Mermaid Curves
➸ Blue Eyed Soul
➸ Dutchess
➸ L.A. Pride
➸ XoXo
➸ Dana
➸ Fergalicious
➸ Take The Stage
➸ Ferguson Crest Syrah
➸ Make Them Boys Go Loco
➸ Velvet Lounge
➸ No Place Like Home
➸ Rock 'n' Roll
➸ Heels of Steel
➸ Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

Oh wow, now that is a lot of shade names! Haha! I am kind of liking Hollywood Walk of Fame because it has different colored star glitters but I know that those kind of glitter polishes are always hard to apply onto the nails. For some reason. this display doesn't have all the polishes so I don't know if Walgreens is going to have a permanent spot for this line or if they are going to come out with more individual displays. I haven't tried any of these polishes yet so I don't know about the quality. I actually might have to pick one up sometime to try out but for right now, I want one that I don't already have similar to one in my current collection. I'll probably wait for the other shades. Definitely let me know if you ended up picking some up and if you like the quality. I wonder if the quality is similar to the original WnW polishes since its from the same brand but just from a different line. What do you guys think?

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