Sunday, September 30, 2012

SPOTTED: LA Colors Little Black Book of Eyeshadow

Hey everyone! Guess what? A few days ago, I had some time and decided to stop by Dollar Tree. I heard that some stores have started carrying drugstore brand skincare like Garnier and I wanted to see if my store had any. Sadly they didn't carry any. Even though my trip was a fail, I was still able to spot a new display in the makeup section. I don't know when LA Colors came out with these but they have recently started selling them at Dollar Tree. If you still don't know what I am talking about, I am talking about the LA Colors Little Black Book of Eyeshadows. This collection has three different editions: Natural, Smoky, and Glam Edition. First off, before I go into the editions and show you the pictures, these little black books are small. The eyeshadow pans are probably the same size as the Coastal Scents eye shadow pans in their 88 pan palettes, if not smaller. They also each come with one eyeshadow sponge applicator.

The Natural Edition is basically your neutrals. Most of the shadows are shimmery finishes, if not all. They are different types of browns, bronzes, and creme shades.

The next one is the Smoky Edition has your purples, blues, and silvers to black shades. This palette also contains shimmer shades.

The last one is the Glam Edition has all your colors, great for those bold, colorful eye looks.

If I had to choose which one to buy, I would end up buying the Natural Edition because those are the ones that are more wearable for me. What about you guys? Which edition are you guys willing to buy and/or looking interested to getting? I never tried LA Colors makeup before so I can't say how well the quality is but if you have tried their makeup before, please let me know how they are. 

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  1. wow. oh my gosh i did not know there was real eyeshadow in it. cool.


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