Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review: Epielle Facial Essence Mask "Cucumber"

Hey everyone! First off, let me just say that I hope you are all having a great Labor Day weekend! I hope you are all having fun at the beach, parties, and/or BBQ. Since I have some extra time this weekend, I thought that it was time to do a review. I felt like I haven't reviewed anything in such a long time. I have been trying to put a stop on my hauling (well for a little while) so I could catch up on my other products and keep up with my reviews. I have never reviewed masks before so this is definitely a first for me. I have seen so many hauls on the Beauty Diary Masks that I decided to try out a regular drugstore mask. Plus Beauty Diary masks are sort of pricey for masks whereas this Epielle Facial Essence Mask only cost me $0.60 plus tax at Big Lots. I am not sure what other stores carry Epielle brand products but so far, the only place that I know is Big Lots.

This was my first time trying out a mask that didn't come out of a bottle. Most of the masks that I have tried are cream and/or paste based, like Freeman masks. This Epielle mask was in the cucumber scent, which was meant for refreshing and purifying the skin. It claims to contain cucumber and botanical extracts. This mask is meant for all skin types so thats a plus because everybody can use this mask.

When I took this mask out of the packaging, it was folded up and very moist. This mask was definitely soaking in the "cucumber and essential botanical extract." The mask is supposedly made out of pure natural cotton mask and it was very sturdy. I actually squeezed out some of the liquid because I couldn't stand all that liquid soaking into my pores. LOL Yes, I am weird like that.

After I unfolded the mask I applied the mask onto my face and smoothed it out. Let me just say, that this mask was huge! On the pictures (on the back of the packaging), the mask looks like it would fit most faces but this mask was way too big for my face. I even took a picture of the mask next to a Coastal Scents 88 Eye Shadow Warm palette for comparison. In another picture, the mask is ontop of the palette and you can actually see how big the mask is. I was glad that I squeezed out some of the liquids because otherwise most of it would be leaking around the sides of my face since some of the sides of the mask was basically hanging off of my face. The directions said to wear the mask for 20-30 minutes but I decided to wear it longer, mainly because it felt nice on my face. LOL

After I removed the mask from my face, I lightly rinsed my face because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to or not. Either way, this mask made my face feel so smooth and soft afterwards. My face literally felt as soft as a baby's butt. I constantly wanted to feel my face but I knew that touching my face would cause breakouts. Other than that, I really like this mask. It made my face felt so good and it was so relaxing! I really recommend this mask, especially if you have some time to yourself and would like some beauty relax time!

Have you ever tried this Epielle Facial Essence Mask before?
What masks do you regularly use and which would you reccomend?

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