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BzzCampaign: NERF FireVision Sports Football (Review)

Hey everyone! If you guys didn't know already and/or new to my blog, I am a BzzAgent. A BzzAgent doesn't get paid but does get to try out products and services often for free with samples and coupons. Once you try out the products and/or services, you just share your honest opinions with people. I was lucky enough to be invited to join another campaign on BzzAgent. Even though I did receive this product for free, I still give my honest opinion about it. I get nothing out of it. I know that this is a post that usually wouldn't belong on a blog like this since it isn't related to anything beauty but it is semi-related to health since being active is what keeps us all healthy. And when we are healthy and happy, we are all looking beautiful. Plus, I just wanted to share this with everyone, like with those who have little siblings (like me!), friends who love sports, and/or family members who are active.

Now if you didn't know already, NERF recently came out with a new line, called FireVision. So far, they have the NERF FIREVISION FOOTBALL, NERF FIREVISION NERFOOP and the NERF FIREVISION HYPERBOUNCE. Both the hyperbounce ball and the basketball set automatically comes with one pair of FireVision frames but the football set comes with 2 pairs of FireVision frames.

If you are still confused what is NERF FIREVISION, this is how NERF describes it,

"For years, a certain caped superhero has fooled children into thinking greatness comes from taking a pair of glasses off. But with NERF FireVision Sports, the magic happens when you put the FireVision Frames on.

To turn up the heat on throws and catches, slip on your futuristically cool NERF FireVision Frames and start tossing around your FireVision Football — you'll see the game in a whole new light. Literally! Thanks to innovative new FireVision Microprism Technology, you and anyone wearing a pair of FireVision Frames will see an illuminated football in the daytime and in dim or low lighting. Which means the fun never has to end.

And it won't. Because now kids at heart can add even more excitement to a game of catch after school or H.O.R.S.E. after dinner. Go ahead, make up your own games. Here at BzzAgent, we especially liked playing Capture The Flag using FireVision footballs in place of flags.
Ready to put some glow in your game? Lights Out, Game On!"

Are you still confused? If you are, in simple terms, NERF FireVision is a new line of of sports products that light up when you play with the NERF FireVision Frames. With the frames, you can see the ball light up. For instance, if you are wearing the green frames, the ball would light up in green. If you were wearing the red frames, then you would see the ball light up in red. But if you weren't wearing any frames, then you would just see an ordinary football being thrown around by people wearing light up frames. LOL

Okay, now onto my review! I was lucky enough to receive the NERF FireVision Football last week. Since then my little brother has been playing with it constantly, after dark. When he saw this, he couldn't wait to open it up and play with it. I of course, told him that he had to finish his homework first before he could touch it. After he finished his homework, he ran outside and grabbed the football and started to mess around with it. He was so intrigued with how it worked. I played with him a couple of times and thought that it was really cool how the football would light up when wearing the frames.

We played outside for a hour because he had to get ready for bed since he had school the next day. Since then we have been playing with it almost everyday. Its pretty fun. Its just like playing catch but the only difference is that you can play anytime. You can play during the day with or without the frames (your choice) and at night with the frames. The only downside that I cam say with this is that if you have a big nose, the frames might pinch your nose after a while. For kids, the frames fit perfectly. Also, the frames do require battery to light up. One of the batteries on one of the frames started dying the first time we played it. We only played 20-30 minutes in before the light started to fade on one of the frames, which is a bummer since its new. Other than that, I think that whoever that is playing this will love it, especially if they are a fan of glow-in-the-dark toys. Plus if you are inside the house and its dark outside, you can always see where your little siblings and/or children are playing because of the FireVision Frames.

Overall, I would definitely reccommend trying this out. Plus the football is lightweight and soft, just like the usual NERF products. If you or anybody you know is active and into playing sports, definitely consider getting them to try this. Its pretty fun, especially when you play with others. If you have any other questions and/or concerns, definitely let me know and I will try to answer them. Plus you can check out the NERF FireVision commercial, just CLICK HERE.

WHERE: Target,, Walmart, ToysRUs and etc.

PRICE:The football retails for $19.99SRP, the hyperbounce ball retails for $9.99SRP, the basketball set retails for $14.99SRP and a pair of FireVision Frames retail for $5.99SRP each.

Are you interested in trying out the NERF FIREVISION line of sports products?
What do you think of the NERF FIREVISION FOOTBALL?
Which NERF FIREVISION would you consider getting?

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*I am a BzzAgent and I received these products as part of the campaign to review and give my honest opinion about. I am not getting paid nor is this post sponsored.

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