Friday, January 3, 2014

Spotted: Maybelline New FaceStudio and ExpertWear Products

Hey everyone! I meant to get this post uploaded on New Years since I took these pictures on New Years Eve. Yes I actually went shopping the day before New Years. I didn't want to do it because I knew it was going to be crowded as heck but I had to do it because I had a $10ECB that was expiring on 12/31 and knowing me, I forgot about it and found out last minute. I was afraid if is went tomorrow and tried to use it, my store wouldn't let me because it was too high of a value. Man let me tell you, there were some crazy ass drivers out there. Some people either pretended that they forgot how to drive and park or they just didn't care. The parking lot was crowded as hell and it was so hard to find a decent parking spot because a lot of people were parking in two spots. I had to park at a takeout place and walk my butt to CVS because I didn't want anybody parking too close to me and closing me in like they did with a lot of other cars. Let me know if you guys were brave enough to go out at night on New Years Eve and if you dealt with any drama during it.

Anyways enough with my drama, onto the makeup! While I was at CVS trying to find stuff to spend my ECB on, I found a whole Maybelline display full of new makeup. I did want to buy some to try out but I hate how this CVS store always puts those ugly security stickers on all the makeup. They are so hard to take off whenever I buy them and want to take pictures. Plus they are just generally ugly in pictures and in person. I wish people didn't steal because both the CVS and Walgreens in my neighborhood cover all the makeup with these stickers and the stickers are so huge that sometimes the employees put them over the shades names or over the clear windows of the makeup making it hard to see the actual color. Let me know if your stores are like this too.

Anyways let's ignore the ugly security stickers on the side and talk about these blushes. LOL These are the Maybelline MasterGlaze Glisten Blush Sticks. These are meant to give you a sheer color on the cheeks. These sort of remind me of the NYC Blushable Creme Sticks because it's in a stick form. There are six new shades and I don't know if Maybelline is going to come out with new shades or if these are just limited edition products. I should have read the display more or taken a picture of the whole display in one picture but I was rushing to get out of the store because it was packed. The six shades are, from left to right: 10 Just Pinched Pink, 20 Pink Fever, 30 Coral Sheen, 40 Warm Nude, 50 Make A Mauve, and 60 Plums Up. I love how they have every shade that you can use year around. They have pinks for the spring or year around, corals and nudes for the summer, and purples for the winter.

Now onto the new powder blushes! If you have been following me for a while then you would know how much of a blush addict I am, especially when it comes to pink shades! I love light pinks to bright pinks. If its any shade of a pink blush, chances are I will fall in love with it! This line is the new FaceStudio MasterHi-Light blushes/ These claim to give you color and shimmer for a natural glow. These will definitely be great for the summer and spring. Plus I love the design on the actual blushes themselves. I don't know what that design is called but I guess I will either call it plaid or the weave design, if you guys know what I mean. Haha! Hopefully you guys do and I am not just crazy. There are six new shades in this collection and I got to say, I think the pinks would be the first ones I would love to try.

Now onto the eyeshadows! Maybelline already has these eyeshadow quads out but apparently decided to change the packaging again. Do you guy remember the other times when Maybelline changed the packaging on their ExpertWear eyeshadow quads? I remember they used to be blue and then black. Then they decided to change the size of the shadow pans and make them different sizes in the quads and now they change the packaging again to just a straight rectangle quad. I actually like this design of the quad way more because it looks more sleek and plus it makes it easy to stack upon one another whereas the old ones were a bit curvy on the sides and the top so they wouldn't lay flat on top of one another when stored away. I don't think these are new shades in the quads since some of the names are familiar like Amethyst Smokes and Chai Latte. Let me know if you like the packaging on these more.

Now onto the new single shadows! Again, Maybelline changed the packaging on these. I love the flat packaging on these as well. It makes them look more sleek compared to their old curvy ones. Let me know if you feel the same way as well. I don't know if Maybelline reformulated these shadows but if you know, please comment below. So far, the ones that I have seen in this collection are all neutral shades. Thanks for reading everyone! If you guys have tried any of these products yet, please let me know because I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

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  1. those all look so pretty. I love Maybelline products!

  2. im not the biggest fan on the packaging but the blushes look awesome!


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