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Spotted: CoverGirl New TruBlend & TruMagic Products

Hey everyone! Look at this huge display! I can't believe that I almost walked past it. The CVS store that I went to had huge storage tins all over the beauty aisles, which was really annoying. I don't know how they would even sell any items with storage tins blocking everything. That's why my first picture was a bit blurry. It was kind of hard for me to take a picture of the whole display with storage tins all around me. I was so afraid that someone might bump into them and it would come crashing all down on me. Scary! So I did all this for you guys! CoverGirl came out with a bunch of new products for their new TruMagic line. They came out with "primer," foundations and concealers. If you are interested, definitely keep reading, especially if you are a CoverGirl fan! Plus I also include a few swatches of the products shown because the display had testers! What is even better is that each shade of the foundations had it's very own tester so now everyone can find their perfect shade. 

(L-R) The Mattifier, The Sunkisser, and the Luminer
The first product that I am going to show you guys are the CoverGirl TruMagic Skin Perfectors. I have heard that some people say that these remind them of the Mally Poreless face Defender. I think that's what Mally's product is called. I have seen it and the actual product is pretty similar to the first shade shown in the picture. I haven't tried the one from Mally so I can't compare the two but I am sure that someone out there already has done a blog post or a video comparing the two already. There are 3 different shades for the Skin Perfectors. They are the Mattifier, the Sunkisser and the Luminizer. Each has it's own purpose as you can tell from its name. These claim to be oil-free and soft to the touch. You can use these under and/or over your makeup. I was mainly interested in the Mattifier and the Sunkisser, to be honest. I was definitely excited that the display has testers for me to swatch and post for you guys! 

I was pretty excited to try these out. I don't really use primers but I do love trying out products that claim to give you a mattifying finish. I don't really like foundations that claim to give a glow because I feel like my face just looks oily throughout the day. I prefer having a matte finish so this seemed like an interesting product. It did have an interesting feel to it. These do look like a cream product in the packaging but they feel like a solid gel type consistency. When swatches, this has a clear look to it. It swatched it on my hand and it made me hand look pore-less and matte. I am not sure if you can see that in the picture but if you zoom in, you would be able to tell. If I were to buy this, I think I would definitely love using this under my makeup as a primer.

This one is called the Sunkisser. It has the same solid gel-like consistency. When swatched on the hand, this product reminds me of a cream bronzer. I really like this product and think it will be great to use as contouring. It blended so well when I swatched it on my hand. Since this is a solid gel-like consistency, I feel like I would have better luck contouring with this than with an actual cream bronzer. Let me know what you guys think as well.

This one is called the Luminzer and it has the same consistency as the other two products. shown above. The Luminer looks like a golden shimmery product in the pan but once swatched, all you really see is the yellow golden shimmers. I am not sure how I feel about this but then again, I only swatched it twice. Haha! All three TruMagic Skin Perfectors have a silky feel to it. If you haven't tried them yet, out of the three that I have tried from the testors on the display, I would probably end up buying the Mattifier and the SunKisser because of how it performs on the skin.

I love how CoverGirl came out with a variety of shades for this line. They have some for light, medium, and deep skin tones. I do wish that they had regular names for the shades, rather than numbers. I am just weird like that. Usually I would buy medium beige and any shade similar to my skin tone with the name beige in it. Most of the time that works for me. Haha! I am glad that each shade has a tester because that makes it so easy to find your correct shade. Too bad not all drugstores do this with their new and permanent products. 

First off let me say that these foundations come with pumps!! When I pumped some onto my fingers, I noticed that the foundation is definitely on the runny side. I have to say from what I noticed is that its not heavy coverage. I would say with one layer, its probably light to medium but more light coverage. It would have been better if I had swatched it on the back of my other hand because I have a mole on that hand so it would be better to see the coverage. 

The new display also came with new CoverGirl TruBlend FixStick Concealers. These pretty much remind me of the L'Oreal stick concealers, packaging-wise. I don't know how well they perform but I remember a lot of people loving the L'Oreal one when it first came out. People were crazy over the L'Oreal ones because they were great as a concealer (under eye and blemishes), eyeliner (to brighten up the waterliner), inner corner highlight, and etc. I wonder if these are meant for different uses. Let me know if you guys have tried these or if you have seen any of these products at your stores. I would love to hear your opinions on all these products and whether or not you would love to try these.

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