Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spotted: L'Oreal New True Match Mineral Instant Shine Eraser Powder

Hey everyone! Here is another new foundation in drugstores! First off, let me just say, how cute is the packaging! Usually I am a huge fan of sleek black packaging but the white on this make it look sophisticated as well. Doesn't it look like something you might see at a department store? Maybe white is the new black? LOL Anyways, these are the new L'Oreal True Match Mineral Instant Shine Eraser Powders. I haven't seen any reviews on these yet but I do love the True Match line in general. I have tried their foundations from that line and I remember really liking them. The True Match line was actually the first makeup products that I remember trying out when I first started wearing makeup.

So far there are four shades in this new collection but I am sure that L'Oreal will come out with more because L'Oreal is usually known for their shade variety in foundations in the drugstore. I do wish that there were some testers on the display, a few samples, or maybe even some coupons but we can't always get what we wish for. Anyways the claim on these are pretty interesting since they claim to keep you shine free through the day. Let me know if you guys are excited for these. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I actually first found these powders at a Local CVS of mine with the exact four shades and I happened to see & snag $2 off coupons from the display they actually had taped down. I believe Walmart & Target have a little bit more of shade selections, which is where I bought my powder and I just wish there was something in between shades because W3 I feel is too dark for me or thr wrong undertone while w 1-2 is a bit light, although I did buy W 1-2. They seriously need MORE Shades and a way to swatch them for comparison at least.


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