Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spotted: Maybeline New Dream Wonder Powder

Hey everyone! How is your day so far? I hope that everything is going great for you guys? I still can't believe that its already 2014. I still forget sometimes and write 2013 whenever I write the date down on forms and etc. LOL Let me know if you guys have the same problems as well. That always happens to me each year for a couple of days before I just remember automatically. I am so excited that its 2014 because lots of makeup brands are coming out with new products and all the good tv shows are coming back from their mid-season or season break! Let me know which shows are you guys most excited for.

Okay onto the makeup. I actually spotted this collection at my Walgreens store. It was located right in front of the cashiers so I know for sure that both them and the customers in line were staring at me taking pictures of makeup. Haha! Sometimes when I do take pictures of makeup displays and people are right there, I wonder if they even know what the pictures are for. Anyways, if you guys didn't know already Maybelline came out with new powder foundation. What's funny with these is that these claim to be "the first powder with less talc" and because of that they "feel like powderless powder for a creamy glide and smooth flawless finish." I just thought that claim was funny because it would have been better to just make the powder with no talc than less talc.

I haven't tried these yet but not sure if I would buy them anytime soon since I already have a ton of powders that I need to finish up first. If this goes on sale or if I run out of my numerous powders then I might just have to buy this to try out. Let me know if you tried these yet. I do wish that they came with testers like other Revlon and CoverGirl displays are having.

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  1. I loved their moose blush but I don't use powder all that often....Maybe if I use up what I have!

    1. I don't think I have ever tried their mouse blushes before.


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