Saturday, December 3, 2011

NOTD: Pink Nails = Love

Hey everyone! Today, I was feeling a little pink and decided to paint my nails PINK! I have been wanting to try out these two nail polishes for a while now and I finally had the chance today. I am so excited for this nail look. Its so cute. I know it might be simple but I am not that experience in doing nails yet. Hopefully, that will change in the future!

Okay, now onto my NATM: Pink Nails = Love post! As some of you might know, my favorite color is PINK! (But then how would you know, I just started this blog yesterday LOL) I have so many different shades of pink nail polish that it is definitely getting crowded in my room. LOL My nail polish rack is getting overcrowded with pink nail polishes. It is crazy! I bought a new nail polish recently and decided to feature it on my ring nail as an accent. I used Essie nail polish in "My Private Cabana" as my base color for all my finger nails. Plus as an extra bonus, I added NYX Girls nail polish in "NGP 104 Shimmer" just on my ring fingers. It took me about four coats of My Private Cabana and one coat of Shimmer. My Private Cabana is a very sheer polish and I wanted the color on my nails to be as opaque as the color in the bottle. Shimmer is a polish full of glitter. I am pretty sure that if I wanted to use this on all my finger nails, it would probably only take two coats on each finger to be fully coated with glitter. I love both of these polishes and I am glad at how the whole look came out.
Essie Nail Polish in "My Private Cabana"

NYX Girls Nail Polish in "NGP 104 Shimmer"
I know that this is a very basic nail look because I have seen way better nail designs on the Internet, featuring flowers and leopard/cheetah prints, but please bear with me. LOL I am not that experienced with painting on my nails that much. Hopefully later on in the future, I will be posting up awesome nail looks. Right now, I am experimenting with nail stamping kits, nail art stickers, and nail studs. If you would like to see individual swatches of each nail polish, let me know by commenting below. I will see you swatches of what the nail polish looks like coat by coat until it is opaque.

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