Saturday, December 3, 2011

My First NYX Girls Nail Polish Haul

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to post up this haul for a couple of days now but I have been so busy lately. This is my first time hauling NYX products, let alone NYX Girls nail polishes. I am so excited that I found these, granted they were at a store that was 45 minutes away on the freeway but, hey its better than nothing. LOL I can only make it to this store to buy these nail polishes about once or twice a month. I bought these at a place that sells nail polishes at wholesale prices. They sell Essie, China Glaze, NYX Girls, and a whole bunch of cheap nail polish brands that you wouldn't see at drugstores. I was so excited when I found these. I have been wanting to try these out so bad and now I finally have them in my hands! YAY! I can't wait to add more in my collection!

(L-R): Shimmer, Prismatic Gold, & Buzz Worthy
I never tried NYX Girls nail polishes before this haul and the glitter ones looked so pretty so I picked up a coule to try out. These were $2USD each, so all three cost me a total of $6USD! I thought it was a pretty good deal. I might even go back and buy some more next month. I only bought three because all I had was exactly $6USD cash in my purse. LOL I am pretty happy with the ones that I chose.

Shades that I bought (shown left to right):
-Shimmer, which is a gorgeous purplish pink glitter polish
-Prismatic Gold, which has small gold glitters with big multi-colored glitters
-Buzz Worthy, which is a gold bronzey glitter polish

I love all the shades that I bought and I can't wait to try out other NYX nail polishes! If you have any questions and would like to see swatches of each polish, please let me know by commenting below!

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  1. Beautiful Colors, I defintely want to try some of these!

    1. Yeah, you should definitely try some of the NYX Girls nail polishes! They are pretty good! I really like their shimmer and glitter nail polishes.


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