Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey everyone! I had a ULTA 20% off coupon that was expiring on the 24th of December so I decided to go and buy some before it expired. Also I love shopping at Ulta because they have way more stuff than Sephora and they also have way better promotions and freebies! Plus I heard that Ulta had EOS Lip Balms on sale so I knew that I definitely had to go and pick some up. I had never tried EOS products before and I didn't want to be pay regular price for it so I have been waiting for them to go on sale. They were buy 2 for $5USD, which I thought was an alright deal. I wanted to try them out so bad that I was okay with saving a little. LOL Plus on the back of the Ulta catalog, there was a coupon for a free Ulta product, so yay! I love Ulta blushes and this was the perfect time to pick up a couple since they were also BOGO FREE!

What I bought:
EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet 2/$5
EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit 2/$5

I have been wanting to try some EOS lip balms ever since I have been hearing about them on YouTube and Luuux. I am so glad that I finally have them! I can't wait to try them out. Hopefully they live up to their hype.

Ulta Cheek Color in Heartbreaker $7
Ulta Cheek Color in Exposed FREE, SAVED $7

Ulta was having a BOGO FREE promotion on their selected products. I really like their blushes so I thought it was a great time to pick up some more. I already have one in Heartbreaker but wanted to pick up a backup because I love it so much. It gives me a great flush of color on my skin tone. Red shades don't really look that good on me because my skin is so light so Heartbreaker is close to a red shade but its flattering on me.

Ulta Eye Crayon in Birthday Girl $8
Ulta Lip Crayon in Late Night FREE, SAVED $8

I never tried either of these products so I just picked them out just because I was curious. LOL Hopefully they turn out okay!

Ulta Eye Shadow #2 Brush FREE, SAVED $10
This brush I got for free because I had a coupon. I am not sure how I feel about this brush but free is free. I will figure out an use for it.

3-Piece Pedicure Set (x2) $1
I bought one initally to give to a friend as their stocking stuffer for Christmas but saw how cute it was because it was pink and purple that I had to get one for myself as well. It was only an dollar each so it didn't hurt. LOL

Juicy Couture Perfume Set (Couture Couture, Juicy Couture, and Viva La Juicy) $35

These are travel size perfume sprays. They are 0.33 fl. oz. each or 10ml each. I love how these are actually sprays and not rollerballs. I never had Juicy Couture perfumes before but I have smelled Viva La Juicy once and remembered loving it. Plus I got a FREE pink bath robe with any $30 perfume purchase! I can't wait to wear it. I have been wanting a pink bath robe for a while now. Right now, I have a yellow one but its getting old and isn't as pretty as a pink one. LOL

I hope all of you like my haul. Did any of you guys go to Ulta when they were having all these promotions or used your 20% off coupon? Have you tried any of the products that I bought? What do you think about them?

Please check out my Luuux!

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