Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator

Hey everyone! This month I am going to try start post up more reviews on my blog since I feel like my hauls are starting to take over. Plus with the CVS Clearance sale going on, expect more hauls popping up. A product that I have been meaning to review is the ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator. I bought this a few months when ELF had their 50% off sale. This was a recently new product and I bought it so I could try it out and review it for you guys. It retails for $3 and you could also find this at Target stores as well.

According to cardboard packaging, this lip exfoilator "gently exfoilates lips to remove dry chapped skin with smoothing sensation. [It is] infused with Viatmin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oil to nourish and protect. Treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel." Directions are to "apply to clean damp lips and massage in a circular motion to exfoilate. Use a mositened cotton pad with water and gently wipe away scrub. Follow with a lip balm or gloss to condition."

This ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator has the same shape as your usual lipstick. The packaging is very similar to their ELF Mineral lipsticks with the square packaging. I really like how its a twist up appilicator like a lipstick because it makes it so much easier to use it. I hate other lip exfoilator packagings where they would be in a round container and you would have to stick your finger in there to apply the product onto your lips. I just find that really messy and not sanitary. Plus its more inexpensive compared to lip exfoilators from other brands.

I usually get dry lips in the Winter and whenever I am using a unfamilar lip product and it irritates my lips. I have tried other lip exfoliators before and this is the only one that doesn't end up smelling horrible after a couple of weeks. In fact, this one smells so delicious. I could just have it with me all day and smell it. If it was edible, I probably would be eating it but of course, I won't. LOL It does have a bunch of exfoilating beads in it and is a bit rough on the lips but it feels really good and leaves my lips baby soft. I just apply this onto my lips like I would with a lipstick, and massage it onto my lips and wash it off after I feel like all the dry skin is gone. I can even use this when I have my makeup on and it doesn't mess up the makeup around my lips, which is a plus! If you are looking for a great lip exfoilator or an inexpensive brand, you should definitely try this!! Worth the money!

Have you ever tried the ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator?
What lip exfoliators do you use?

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  1. That is so cool, I have never seen a lip exfoliant in the shape of a lipstick, awesome!!

    1. Yeah, I think I like it more because of that. LOL


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