Friday, June 7, 2013

Physicians Formula Haul

Hey everyone! If you didn't know already, CVS is having a great sale on Physicians Formula cosmetics! You get $7ECBs when you buy any PF cosmetics or skincare with a regular price of $7.49 and up. The limit is one but I got to use my mom's and my friend's CVS card so I bought three products. Yay! I think I only paid about $3-$4 for this whole purchase, which is definitely a great deal especially since PF cosmetics are a bit pricey for drugstore brand. If you have been wanting to try out some PF cosmetics, I highly suggest you go and check out this sale. Plus, you can even get some products for just a couple of cents plus tax since they do have some products that are $7.49 and up. For instance, if you bought a concealer for $7.49 plus tax, it will be like you are paying $0.49 plus tax after you get your $7ECBs back.

PF Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara "Ulta Black"
I have never tried any of their mascaras before prior to this purchase but recently saw Casey Holmes use this in a video. It made her lashes so long after a couple of coats and since she really liked it, I knew that I might as well give it a try. Plus with the sale, I only ended up paying $3.99 plus tax for this. Right when I got home, I instantly tried out this mascara because I have some short Asian lashes and have been looking for my holy grail lengthening mascara. I tried it out for a couple of days and returned it. I definitely do that like this mascara at all. It contains 100% natural fibers and claims to have no irritation, which is what also pushed me to try it out. All the days where I have tried this mascara, it definitely irritated my eyes. My eyes would get watery because of it and I just couldn't handle it anymore so I am glad that I returned it.

PF Gentle Cover Concealer Stick "Light" (x2)
Buying these two were definitely a great bargain since they were only $7.49 each so basically after my $7ECBs, I only paid about $0.49 plus tax each!! Now that is a great deal! I have never tried these before but I do love trying out new concealers so added two to my basket. This claims to hide minor imperfections, gives full coverage, and is long lasting. So far, I have only tried it for my under eyes since I don't really like using it as an imperfection concealer but I don't know for sure until I try it out some more. If you would like to see a full review on this, definitely let me know in the comments below.

So that is all for my mini Physicians Formula haul. I don't know for sure if I am going to go back since this is definitely a great sale but I probably won't since I am out of cards and its limit one per card on the ECB reward. All-in-all, I am happy with my purchase but a bit sad that the mascara didn't work out for me. If you have tried that mascara before, please let me know if it worked for you and if there was anyway that I could have used it better. I was surprised that it started irritating my eyes, especially since its natural and claims to have no irritation. If you would like to see a review on the concealer, make sure to let me know below! If you plan on taking advantage of this sale, make sure to go either on or before June 8, 2013 since that is the last day of the sale.

Have you taken advantage of the CVS sale?
Have you ever tried any of these products before?

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  1. I had no idea CVS was having a sale on Physician's Formula! I need to get me some of that! Nice post! xo


    1. Hopefully you took advantage of the sale before it was over.

  2. Oh that's too bad the mascara didn't work out :/

    1. Yeah I was a bit sad about that but glad that I was able to return it.


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