Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ulta Haul (Feat. Laura Geller and Samples)

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to post up this haul for a few weeks now but I have been so busy and lets admit it, procrasinating. I am so happy with this haul and you will soon see why! For some reason, I was just at Ulta. I don't even remember the reason why I was there. LOL Thats pretty bad, huh? All I remember was that I was browsing around and looking for any new products that would catch my eye and would want to come home with me. While I was walking down the makeup aisles, I remembered that Ulta has a clearance section! Always make sure to check out the clearance sections at Ulta because sometimes they have a bunch of great products.

I do have to warn you though, I am not sure if all Ulta stores do this but mines tend to raise their original prices to make it seem like you are saving more money when you are buying something from the clearance section. For instance, there will be some products where the retail price is on the actual packaging yet on Ulta's clearance sticker, they would have the original price higher. Sometimes they would raise it up by a couple of dollars or just by a few cents. If you have noticed this as well, definitely let me know.

So while I was browsing through all the clearance items, I found this great set from Laura Geller!! I have always wanted to try out some products from Laura Geller but the products are sort of pricey. So when I saw that the Laura Geller All Stars Set was on clearance, I immediately grabbed it up in my arms and sang for the sky. Okay, I didn't really sing to the sky but I did scoop that set into my arms quickly before anybody else noticed it. LOL If you didn't know already, this set recently came out a few months ago and retailed for $56.50 plus tax but I only bought it for $39.50 plus tax!! I saved $17, which isn't that bad. Plus this set comes with full size products and was an even better deal than buying these products separately!!

What this set came with:
Spackle Tinted Under Make-Up Primer "Champagne" 2oz/56g
Balance -N- Brighten Foundation SPF 15 "Medium" 0.32oz/9g
Blush -N- Brighten "Pink Grapefruit" 0.176oz/5g
Baked Marble Eyeshadow "Amethyst/Starburst" 0.06oz/1.8g
Waterproof Eye Spackle Advanced Eyeshadow Primer "Fair/Light" 0.074fl. oz/2.2mL
Makeup Bag

Since I was so happy getting my hands on this set, I knew that I didn't want to buy anything else. I immediately went to the checkout lane. After buying the set, I was walking to the cashier and she was nice enough to give me a couple of samples. This was the first time where I actually walked out with more than one sample. Some cashiers are just so stingy that no matter how much I spend, sometimes they wouldn't even give me any samples and if I ask for any, they give me attitude and a rude face. I guess it was just my lucky day that day since I finally got a nice cashier. She actually gave me some decent samples. This time I got four samples instead of the usual one or none.

The samples that I got were:
Stila Stay All Day HD Beauty Balm, Foundation, and Concealer "Deep"
Biolage Exquisite Oil
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF35

So thats everyting that I got at Ulta! If you would like to see reviews and/or swatches of any of the products that were included in the Laura Geller set, definitely let me know by commenting below. So far, I have tried the foundation, blush, and eyeshadow and I am loving them all. Also if you want me to post a look using these products, let me know as well since this set pretty much comes with everything need for a full face. I actually plan on purchasing other kits or sets from Laura Geller soon, especially if they are a great deal like this one!!

Have you tried any products from Laura Geller?
What do you think about Ulta's employees and samples?

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  1. The LG foundation looked really interesting, I never knew it was marbleized! Her blushers are gorgeous :)

    1. If you want, I can do a post on the foundation. Yeah, the majority of her powder products are baked and marbelized.


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