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Review: KISS Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit "05"

Hey everyone! If you didn't know already, I recently recieved a couple of products to try out and review in my Beauty Blogger 2012 VoxBox. One of the products was the KISS Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit "05". I just had the chance to try this starter kit out yesterday and thought that it was finally time to post up a review. If you didn't know already, I love false lashes! I have a collection of them. If you would like to see my collection, definitely comment below to let me know! First off before I start this review, I just want to stay that this is the first time that I had ever tried KISS lashes and my first pair of 100% human hair. Recently, KISS came out with a starter kit that includes a pair of lashes, lash applicator, and lash adhesive that retails for $5.99 plus tax.

For this review, I am going to talk about all the products that come in this starter kit individually. First, lets talk about the lashes. In this box, these lashes look gorgeous and full. I was so happy that I received these lashes and loved how they looked on the model on the back of the packaging. These lashes are 100% human hair, which was another reason why I was so happy. I have always wanted to try a pair of lashes that were made out of 100% human hair but could never justify paying $6 to $20 for a pair to try. For instance, my current favorite lashes are from Model21 and they come in a box with 10 pairs of lashes for $3-$6, depending on where you buy them. Even though the lashes are 100% human hair, to me they feel like they are made out of plastic. I don't have any other lashes to compare them to so I don't really know if all human hair lashes have that feeling. Okay, when I first tried these lashes, I was so disappointed. I don't know if its because its made out of human hair but it just weighed down my lashes. I tried curling both my lashes and the falsies but they would just go straight down. These were just horrible.

Now for the lash adhesive. Oh my goodness, I thought that this lash adhesive was going to be like the Revlon Lash Adhesive because on the outside, the packaging looks pretty similar. I have heard so many great reviews on the Revlon Lash Adhesive and have always wanted to try it out but could never find it so I was pretty excited to get the Kiss one. First off, this Kiss lash adhesive is so different. The Revlon one comes with a brush but instead of the brush, the Kiss one just has a plastic stick. Because of the plastic stick, it makes it so hard to get glue onto the lash band. The plastic stick is so stiff that I wish that Kiss had replaced it with a brush instead. It would have probably made the application easier. This lash glue claims to be 24 hour hold but I disagree. It could have been because of the lashes but when I applied the glue onto the lashs, since the falsies weighed down my actual lashes, the glue didn't hold at all. If I had worn them all day, the lashes would definitely have fallen off on their own. I am going to try this lash adhesive on my other lashes but with these Kiss lashes, they just didn't work well together.

Last but not least is the lash applicator. I always apply my falsies by hand. I know some people use lash applicators or regular tweezers but I have better luck with my fingers. I have to admit that I did have trouble applying the false lashes with this. I was just not used to it and it was just too hard for me. I have tried other lash applicators before like the one from ELF, which I also had trouble with. LOL I have heard good things about the Kiss lash applicator so I am not going to go into huge detail with this since I had trouble using this. It might just be because I am not used to it. If you have tried this lash applicator, please let me know how you feel about it.

Overall, I don't really like this starter kit. The lashes just weren't for me and the lash glue just didn't go well with them. I will try to give the lash glue another chance and try them with another pair of my lashes. If you would like to see a more in-depth review and know if I ended up liking the lash glue, definitely let me know. For the actual lashes, I won't be trying them again. I might just clean off the glue and give them to my sister to try out. I am not sure if I would reccommend these since to me, lashes are like mascaras and they might not work on everybody. It just depends on your natural lashes, the glue that you used, and which styles you are used to wearing.

Have you tried the Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit?
What do you think of Kiss lashes?


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