Friday, November 16, 2012

Asian Goodies From My Mom

Hey everyone! Guess what? I have been meaning to post up this for such a long time but I thought I had lost the pictures either somewhere on my computer or on my phone. But I finally found them by stumbling onto them by accident! Yay! If you remember, a few months ago I had some posting because I didn't have time. Well it was because my mom had gone to Vietnam for a month and she bought me back some goodies! She actually bought a lot more back but I had to share some with my sister and of course, my mom also bought some for herself as well.

Of course, the first thing that I asked my mom to bring back for me was the Model21 Fashion Lashes. Even though I barely burned through my first stash of these lashes since the first time I went to Vietnam but I wanted some more just in case. Plus they are so much cheaper buying them in Vietnam than buying them here or online. I love these lashes! They re a bit long for my eyes but I always end up cutting off the ends anyways so it doesn't matter much to me. Plus these lashes come in a box with 10 sets of lashes! These normally retail for $6 a box but if you buy them in Vietnam (depending on the store), you can get three to four boxes for $6!! Crazy right! I just asked my mom to pick out whatever designs that she thought I would like and wear the most. She picked out all the designs with the #4. LOL She bought a bunch of lashes but I only took 5 boxes because I didn't want to seem greedy! The ones that I picked out were 4L and 4T.

Before my mom went on her vacay, I gave her my Missha BB Cream because she was looking for a great foundation with skincare benefits. I gave her the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and my Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream. Lets just say that she fell in love with both of them. Since her plane was making a pit stop somewhere in Korea, she decided to be on the lookout for some Missha products. I told my mom how much these normally retail for and she said that she was definitely going to pick some up because it would just be cheaper to buy there than to buy online. Good thing there was a Missha shop at the airport that my mom's plane stopped at because my mom went crazy and bought like 5 bottles of each. LOL My sister and I only took one of each and told my mom to keep the rest. Plus if we ever run out, we can always ask her for some more. My mom saved so much money buying them directly than by having me order them online. Plus the lady working there gave my mom a ton of samples as well. My mom got a bag full of Super Aqua Marine Stem Cell Intensive Serum. I only took four to try out and my mom kept the rest.

The last thing that my mom bought for me as well was the Andrea ModLash Adhesive. I didn't ask my mom to buy my any lash glue because I am trying to finish up my DUO lash adhesive. I also wanted to try the new Revlon one but I can never find it anywhere so I am always on the lookout for that one. I guess the place where my mom bought the Model21 lashes from got my mom to buy some lash glue as well. LOL I haven't given this a try yet but if you would like a review, definitely let me know. This is in the color Dark, which will be the first time with me since I always buy the clear one from DUO.

So that is all that my mom bought back for me, beauty-wise!! Yay! I always love it when people go to Vietnam and bring me back goodies, especially the false lashes! Those are my favorite lashes! If you would like to see reviews on any of these products, definitely leave me a comment below! Sorry for having this post up so late but since these were bought somewhere else and not on sale, I am guessing its alright. Plus better late then never!

Have you ever tried Model21 fashion lashes?
Have you ever tried BB Cream?
What do you think about the Missha BB Creams?

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