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February Favorites 2014

Hey everyone! Its been a while since I posted on this blog and I deeply regretted not posting more often. I am surprised that I let it go for this long. I have just been crazy busy but I am going to try to post more often. Sometimes I feel like filming a video is more easier but sometimes I would rather just type things out. Let me know which one you guys prefer if you guys do both. If you guys keep up with your videos and blogging consistently or have you been slacking like me? Lets hope that its the first option. LOL Anyways, since I still see some bloggers post up their February Favorites, I thought to myself, why not post one as well. Its never too late unless March is over, then that would be late.
Anyways, I also filmed a video for my channel on my February Favorites as well. If you guys would rather watch me talk about these products, then please feel free to watch it but if you guys prefer reading, then read away or you guys can do both! :) There is an option for everyone!

Okay now onto my products that I have been loving for the month of February! I don't have much because I have been using my current products in my collection. Don't get me wrong, I have been buying makeup but not for me,  for other people. I think I have actually been doing pretty good. The first product that I want to talk about is the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Eye Shadow Palette. I think I bought this a few years back when it was on sale during the holidays. I have really been liking this palette because it contains so many different shades in a variety of finishes. If you are a beginner, I would recommend this palette because it lets you know which colors and which finishes look good on you. Its a great palette to experiment with.

Next would be the Revlon ColorStay foundations! I actually have two and was surprised that they were both ColorStay products. I know in my previous review that I did a few years back mentioned that I didn't like the original Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation but I have actually grown to like it. Either they changed the formula or my skin is different. The only thing is that the color is a bit dark on me but that fine since I plan on buying a lighter shade and just mixing the two. For the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème foundation, I really like this. I already have a first impressions (aka review) on this so I won't go into deal on that. You can click here to see it:


My next product is the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Bronzer in Light to Medium. I have been using this bronzer so much and its definitely one of my favorite bronzers in my whole collection, that I am surprised that I haven't hit pan on it yet. I also have a review with swatches on this product. If you want to learn more, you can click here:


Okay, okay! I know the next product is one that some of you guys might judge me on but I don't care. I wear this product with pride. LOL I am talking about the Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume. I actually have a couple of her perfumes and I really like them. If I could, I would buy every single one of her perfumes. Let me know if you guys like her perfumes as well or any celebrity perfumes. Another scent that I like is the Victoria's Secret Forever Blushing lotion. I just love the scent on that and it lasts a long time on my skin. I would always use it right after I shower and the scent just lasts.


Okay I have four more products left in my favorites but three of them are eye products. One is a mascara and two are eyeshadow pigments. I never thought I would get the chance to try a Benefit mascara but this was actually a birthday gift from Sephora last year! Hopefully they will have more Benefit products in the future. I have heard so much about the Benefit They're Real! mascara and was expecting so much from it. I guess that was probably why I wasn't that impressed with it or maybe its just my short Asian lashes. I was really hoping that these will make my lashes appear longer since that's what this mascara is typically known for but nope. Even though it didn't make my lashes appear longer, it did keep my lashes curled all day, which I loved!

I was surprised that I have two eyeshadow pigments as my favorites because I didn't like pigments before since they are usually on the messy side. The two eyeshadow pigments that I have been frequently using is the ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Pigment "Sweet" and a gift that I got from a sweet friend in a swap MAC Pigment "Helium" which you guys can see my swap haul on my YouTube channel. I have been using these two the most because I love the highlight and shimmer on these. They are just perfect to use as a highlight on the eyelid. Gorgeous in the sunlight.

My last favorite is the Vaseline Lip Therapy in the original formula. I have tried the Cocoa Butter one and I really like that too. Plus they recently came out with a new one called Rosy, I think and its has a rosy pink tint to it, which I really want to try. If you guys have tried it before, let me know what you guys think of it. I haven't seen any swatches on it so I don't know how light the tint is but it does look pretty in the container. 

So that is all for my February Favorites! Again sorry that it was posted so late, as along with the video but I am glad that I finally got both posted before March ended. Plus I am not sure if you guys have noticed but I recently made a new logo or watermark for my pictures. Please let me know what you guys think about it. I don't know if I want to keep it as a watermark or just keep it as a signature for the end of my posts. Let me know which you guys think is better. I would love to hear your comments and opinions! Like always, thank you for reading and/or watching! I really appreciate it!

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