Monday, May 5, 2014

Products I Regret Buying

Hey everyone! I was going to do a April Favorites but since I have been suing the same products (meaning liking the same products featured in every other monthly favorites video), I thought I might as well change it up this month and do something different! If you haven't read the title yet, I decided to do a Products I Regret Buying post. This post will feature all (well most) of the items that I regret buy and wished I had returned to get my money back. Some of the items, I am sure that I wouldn't be able to get my money back regardless, like the Dollar Tree and/or Big Lots. Please feel free to watch my video and read as well. :)

Keep in mind that although these products didn't work at all for me doesn't mean that they are crappy products. I know that there are others out there that really like some of these products but they just didn't work for me. I am just posting these to warn you guys first before you buy them. These are just my opinions. 

The first product that I am going to talk about is the Physicians Formula HealthyWear SPF50 Bronzer "Tan" which I bought at Big Lots. I remembered I had bought another shade first but found out it was already expired when I went home so I returned it and got another shade. If you do end up buying this, be careful because they do have expiration dates on them since they contain SPF. The expiration date is on the back of the compact. I didn't like this bronzer at all. When I first used it, there was no pigmentation at all. I found out that I had to scratch off the top layer to get any product because the top layer was hard to the touch. Once I took off the top layer, it had pigmentation to it. I was hoping to use this bronzer when I got tanned in the summer but no matter what, it just looked orange on my skin tone. If you watch my video, you can tell how orange it is. So be warned, if you have yellow undertones like me, this bronzer might look orange on you.
Review (With Swatches):

The second product is the Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette "Pink Rose" and when I bought this,  I was so excited to try it. I love products like these where they have everything you need in one palette. Plus the colors in this palette were gorgeous, especially the pink blush and highlighter. This palette was such a huge letdown. I don't know if the other shades in this line have the same pigmentation but I don't want to know. The only decent one in this palette is the highlighter shade, which has some pigmentation to it but the other two give off nothing. I swatched it in my video to show you guys as well.
Review (With Swatches):

Another product that let me down are these freaking wipes from the Dollar Tree. I can't find the brand name on these so I don't know what brand they are but if you see these are your Dollar Tree, do not get these! These are the Exfoliating Facial Wipes and they provide no exfoliation whatsoever. These are just regular makeup remover wipes but smaller in size and don't remove all of your makeup. You would probably need three of these wipes to get off all of your makeup.

The next products are these makeup brushes that I bought a long time ago when I first started falling in love with makeup. I am talking about the ELF Professional Bronzer Brush and the ELF Professional Foundation Brush. These brushes are only a dollar and you can buy them at Walmart, Target, or online from the ELF website. When I first started, I didn't know what brushes to buy so I just bought whatever I could get my hands on. I just don't like these types of foundation brushes. They just don't work out for me. Plus the bristles on the bronzer brush is not the softest material. When I use it, the bristles poke my face so much. I feel like I am torturing my face instead of making it beautiful whenever I use this brush. LOL

The next two products are foundations that didn't work for me at all. They are the Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation "Soft Beige" and the Maybelline FitMe Foundation "Medium Beige" which I bought at CVS and Walgreens. The Rimmel foundation is such a thick consistency. If you thought that Revlon ColorStay foundation is thick, once you tried this one, you would be thinking differently. The main reason why I didn't like this foundation was that it oxidizes and changes color once it dries on your face. It actually gets a bit darker. The Maybelline one is a runny consistency. It has light coverage which is not good for those with a couple of blemishes on their face. 

The last few products that I am going to talk about are all eye products. Lets talk about the mascaras first like the Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara and the Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara. Both mascaras are in black, in case you guys were curious. LOL Anyways, I didn't like either mascaras because they did nothing for my lashes. They didn't give them any volume or length. Completely nothing. Another product that did nothing for my eyes is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Cottage Cheese" which I bought because my ULTA was sold out of Milk. Don't get me wrong, I like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils but Cottage Cheese is not my favorite. It blends into nothing and it isn't a great base for my shadows. If your store is out of Milk and has Cottage Cheese, just wait for it to be back in stock. Haha. Last product is the Almay Liquid Liner "Brown" but it doesn't matter what color it is because the product just sucks in general, in my opinion. This liner just smears and isn't great for those with watery eyes. It does last a while but the fact that it smears easily is a big no no for me.

So that is all the products that I don't like, as of now. There are other products that I don't like but I don't have them anymore. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and whether they worked for you or not. I would love to know your opinions about them. I have to say that I am happy that I am finally posting on my blog. Clapping for myself. LOL Let me know what other posts you would like to see next or videos that you would like to see me film. I have been wanting to do a makeup collection and storage video but I am holding back on that because I want to wait until I get a few more subscribers as a reward. As always, thanks for reading!

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