Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spotted: Kiss LE Temporary Lip & Eye Tattoos

Hey everyone!  Here is another new collection that I spotted at RiteAid. Looks like makeup brands are starting to come out with collections geared for Halloween already. Since Halloween is next month, I guess they are right on time. Anyways while I was at RiteAid, I noticed that a lot of the Halloween collections were from Kiss. They definitely seem ready for the holiday.

This collection features temporary lip tattoos and temporary eye tattoos, which I definitely thought was interesting. Especially for the eye tattoos. I doubt everybody would love the eye ones since everyone has a different eye shape so I wonder how those sizes are going to be. Plus some people have double lids, hooded lids, mono lids, and etc. If you have gotten those, please let me know what you think of them and how the application process was. Kiss only came out with 2 eye tattoo design. Inside each pack includes 2 designs and they show a picture of the designs on the packaging.

Kiss also came out with 2 different lip tattoos designs. One is a cheetah print and the other is a ombre glitter red lip look. I am surprised that they came out with an ombre look since it doesn't look as interesting as the cheetah one. If you haven't seen the concept of temporary lip tattoos before, Violent Lips was probably the first brand that came out with temporary lip tattoos. They sold them at Sephora. They were pretty pricey so I am glad that a drugstore brand has finally come out with that concept for those who have been wanting to try out temporary lip tattoos.

Anyways, these were $2.99 at my RiteAid store. Not a bad price, especially considering how expensive the Violent Lips ones were. I didn't pick any up because I wasn't in the mood for buying Halloween makeup yet but definitely let me know if you have tried the Kiss ones or the Violent Lips ones and how you feel about them. Also let me know (if you already know) what you plan to dress up as for Halloween. I am pretty excited but I haven't decided what I wanted to be yet. Any ideas?

Have you tried these before?
What do you think about the concept?

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