Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Physicians Formula Bronze Gems "Healthy Glow Bronzer"

Hey everyone! Its been a while since I posted up a review but I am trying not to haul as much as before. I do still have a couple of hauls that I need to post but I am trying to not buy anymore makeup until the holidays. I said tried so don't expect too much from me. LOL I do want to get one palette from Ulta 21 Days of Beauty event but we will see. If you know what palette I am talking about, definitely let me know if I should get it or not and if you are going to be buying it as well. I never tried the brand before but it looks like a great everyday palette.

I actually bought this bronzer when I first started getting into makeup. I am pretty sure that this is one of the first bronzers that I bought. I mainly bought this because I wanted something that I can use for multiple purposes since I was really into saving money back then. I loved makeup but didn't want to buy too much. Ha! If only the me back then could see my collection now. LOL This was a product that claimed that you can use it as a bronzer, highlighter, and as eyeshadows. This definitely sounds like a beauty money saver's dream, yes? Well you could look at it like that. I sort of wish I had actually gotten a different bronzer instead of this one. I mean its a good bronzer but I don't see myself using it that often and close to hitting pan on it.

As with all Physician Formula bronzers, blushes, and highlighters, all their packaging is bulky. If you don't own any Physician Formula products, then you wouldn't know why I am calling their packaging bulky. Its on the big side because they usually all contain a compartment inside containing a mini brush with a mirror. I don't ever use the brushes so I do wish that Physicians Formula would stop doing that. Let me know if you think the same too.

Anyways, lets get onto the actual product. There are "gems" on the side of the bronzer that you can use as a highlighter or as eyeshadows. I tried to use them as eyeshadows before and I didn't like it since they weren't pigmented enough. I actually had to swipe my fingers across the "gems" a couple of time to get them to show up on my fingers to take pictures of. If you are looking for a really soft wash of color, then maybe you might like this. For the bronzer, its a matte bronzer, which is nice. Matte bronzers are great for contouring and great for all year around. The only thing about this bronzer is that its almost the same as my skintone once I put it on. You can't even tell that I used it for contouring. LOL I have fair skin so that says a lot. Whenever I used this, I would mainly just swirl my brush all over the product and use it as an all over bronzer. Its nice to set my makeup with and does give me a healthy glow. I guess thats why the shade is called "Healthy Glow Bronzer." LOL

Would I repurchase this? No, I wouldn't. There are so many other bronzers that I love more. I feel like this was just a waste of my money. Its nice that its geared toward a multi-purpose product but it doesn't do well in all the purposes that its claimed for. I will try to finish it up but after that, I won't go back to this. I would just spend more money buying separate products for highlighters, bronzers, and eyeshadows. LOL The "gems" weren't pigmented enough for their intended uses. I actually had to scrape off the top layer of the "gems" to even get any color when I first used it. Let me know what you think.

Have you ever tried this before?
What is your favorite bronzer?

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  1. wow it looks very light, almost like a regular face powder. It looks very powdery too. I have not seen this in store, then again I haven't really been lurking in beauty stores lately.

    1. Yeah its an old product. I've noticed that not all stores seem to carry this PF bronzer anymore.


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