Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spotted: CoverGirl Fire It Up Collection

Hey everyone! I was recently shopping at CVS because of they are having their clearance sale again. I know I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore makeup until I finish up a couple of products but I couldn't help it. There was just so many good deals. Plus the whole reason why I haul products is so I could review them here for my blog for all you guys! ;) While I was there, I spotted some displays. I was actually surprised since my CVS store rarely has new makeup displays out. I am not a fan of this CVS store that much since they tend to cover every product with their security stickers. I mean I know its a good thing because it prevents people from stealing products. Plus if people start stealing a bunch of makeup, stores and/or brands will probably start having to raise their prices, which I wouldn't like. The reason why I don't like their csecurity stickers is that they tend to cover everything and it makes it hard for me to either see the color or the shade name. Plus it just looks ugly in pictures. LOL

(UPDATE: I finally found this display at my Ulta without any security stickers covering up the colors! I just wish that it wasn't half empty but better than nothing!)

Anyways, onto the actual spotted post and enough with my rant. Haha! This new display is from CoverGirl Fire It Up. Fame It Out. Collection. This collection features shadow pots, shadow pencils, and their flamed out mascara. Their flamed out shadow pots claim to be "blazing, blendable colors" according to the display. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the shadow pots from this display since they were ENTIRELY covered with their security sticker. You can kind of see how irritating it looks, if you look closely at the first picture showing the whole display. The shadow pots are on the top left of the display. The same was with the shadow pencils. All you could tell were that they were pencils but you couldn't see the colors. Their flamed out shadow pencils claim to be "2-in-1 gel shadow plus liner in hot blendable shades" according to the display.

Last products from this collection are the flamed out mascaras. These mascaras claim to "ignite every lash for bigger, hotter, more flamed out volume" according to the display. They also have the formula in regular and waterproof. The brush is actually pretty interesting since it reminds me of the shape of those water bottles with the filters inside. I think they were called Bobbles? CoverGirl calls this brush the "volume igniter brush," which is pretty interesting name for a mascara brush. I have yet to try this mascara but if you have, please let me know how you feel about the formula and the brush.

Have you spotted this new collection from CoverGirl yet?

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