Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lisa's VIB 15% Off Sephora Haul

Hey everyone! Today is my little brother's birthday!! Yay so while I had some free time today, I decided to post up my Sephora 15% off haul. If you shop at Sephora or are a Sephora Beauty Insider, then you knew that Sephora recently had their 15% off Chic Week sale. I was a bit sad that the discount wasn't 20% but I guess a discount is better than nothing. I just wish that they had better offers and deals since this is my first time becoming a VIB. The always talk about how you get invites to special events and deals for VIBs but so far, I have gotten nothing. Hopefully things will get better before the year is over. Either way, I am still happy that I got the free tote bag with the samples inside! Yay!

Urban Decay Naked Flushed
I have been wanting this since it first came out but I couldn't justify paying $30 for it when I knew that Sephora would be having a discount on it soon so I waited. This is part of the Urban Decay Naked line. I actually already have two of the Naked palettes (Naked & Naked 2) but hope to one day own the Naked foundation as well as the Naked Basics palette. This palette comes with a bronzer, highlighter, and a blush! According to the packaging, "Go ahead, get Naked...and FLUSHED...with our super silky bronzer, highlighter and blush. Use one or mix them all. Then bask in the radiant glow and let people wonder what you've been up to." Now you guys know me that if I see anything with a gorgeous blush, I just have to have it!

Sephora Synthetic Powder Brush
I have always wanted a high end brand brush that was sold individually since some brushes sold or given in sets aren't always the best. I am so happy that this was on clearance at my Sephora store. I actually wish that they had different ones on clearance too so I could have bought more but all they had was this brush. Hopefully I will be able to spot some more brushes on clearance or sale in stores since all the ones online in the sale section are all sold out. This brush is so soft. I don't plan on using it to apply powder since I prefer big, fluffy brushes for apply my setting powder. I bought this because it looked like a great brush for applying blushes! The handle is so long, its actually the longest brush in my whole entire collection. Plus I really like how it came with this plastic top where you can reuse to keep the bristles in place after washing.

Tote Bag (With Samples)
I went on the day that the sale started mainly for the tote bag and samples. Usually I wouldn't go for a free tote bag but since it was my first time being a VIB member, I just had to get it. The tote bag is pretty cute. Its just a regular tote bag with black and white stripes all over it with a small Sephora logo on the front. It actually looks like a nice bag to bring to the beach. Plus I was excited that it came with a couple of samples! I actually wish that the samples were more makeup products but they are mostly skincare. There was only two makeup samples and each of them only allow one to two uses each. The samples that it came with are:
➔ Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Concentrate
➔ Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum
➔ OleHenriksen Oil-free Brightening Moisturizer 
➔ Nude Perfect Cleaning Oil 
➔ Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner
➔ Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
➔ MUFE Multi-Use Powder Foundation
➔ Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
All of the samples came in a zip lock bag with black stripes all over it. I will definitely be reusing the zip lock bag whenever I travel to hold my liquid products. 

So those are all the products that I bought on my Sephora 15% off haul. I hope that Sephora has their 20% off sale soon since I did forget on picking up a couple of items, which I regret. If you guys took advantage of this sale, definitely let me know what you guys bought! I would love to know. Plus if you have tried any of these products, please let me know your thoughts on it! I haven't tried either products yet but I have already washed the Sephora brush and can't wait to try it out tomorrow. I already have it placed on my vanity so I don't forget to use it tomorrow. :)

What do you guys think about my Sephora haul?
Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. You got some nice samples. I love the color and handle of the brush. The Naked Flush palette looks gorgeous as well. I'm trying to stay away from blushes and bronzers since I have way too many.

    1. LOL I should have stayed away too but I couldn't help myself. I love blushes too much.


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