Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Target Haul (Feat. Clothes & Shoes)

Hey everyone! This week, I went to Target because I had some extra time on my hands and wanted to go shopping. I didn't really know what I wanted to buy but I knew that I wasn't going to walk out empty-handed because well, its Target. Haha! I just basically bought myself a couple of shirts and a pair of shoes. I had a bunch of coupons that I wanted to use up and I remembered that they had a bunch of clothing on clearance, which would mean extra savings!

The first couple of items that I picked up were the Mossimo basic shirts. I love these and have almost one in every color. These are great to wear during the day because they are so comfortable. I wear one almost everyday whenever I just want to dress casual. I probably now own over 10 of these, each in different colors and an extra in black and white because those two are the fastest colors to change. For this haul, I just bought one in a royal blue, mint green, lilac, and a basic white. I already have one in white but its getting dirty and isn't looking as white as it used to be so I bought another as a back-up. These shirts are inexpensive. They are regularly priced $8USD each but some of these were on clearance and I had some coupons.

Another shirt that I bought is a coralish one. I don't know why it looks red in the picture. I thought the shirt was pretty cute. It ties at the waist but I will probably wear it with the tie in the back. The top of the shirt has a "crochet" detail. Its a cute shirt that I plan on wearing with leggings.

The last shirt that I bought is one that I instantly fell in love with. Its such a cute and colorful shirt that will look perfect in the Summer when the sun is out and about. Its just a tank that I can't wait to wear in the Summer with some shorts. I love how the back has a criss cross design. I just love everything about this tank, especially the colors.

The last item that I bought are a pair of shoes from the Mossimo brand. I thought they were pretty cute and they felt comfortable when I tried them on. I wanted some black ones but I remembered that I have way too many black shoes so I got the brown ones instead. The style is Peony and they are in the size 6 1/2. Hopefully these are comfortable to wear for long hours. I think they would be because the heels aren't skinny and long. They are somewhat chunky and then get skinner down at the bottom. I feel like I could wear these with dresses (like summer dresses) and skinny jeans. These were originally $24.99USD but I got them for $6.26USD plus tax. Now that my friend is definitely a great deal!!

So that is all that I bought for my clothing and shoe haul at Target this week. Pretty much everything was on clearance, so definitely make sure to check the clearance section because there is a bunch of cute items. Plus if you have a coupon, you would save even more money. Also tip, if you are planning on buying a couple of bathing suits, try going to your Target first because they have a bunch of bathing suit pieces on clearance, which is crazy because Summer is still a couple of weeks away.

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