Sunday, May 20, 2012

Collective Shoe Haul @ Target

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I went to Target and saw that they had a bunch of shoes on clearance. They had three aisles of shoes, all on clearance. I was so happy because there were a couple of shoes that I have been wanting but couldn't justify paying full price since I know that Target tends to put their shoes on sale. LOL I only got three pairs because I have way too many shoes. I was cleaning out my closet today and found some shoes that I had even forgotten I even bought. Eesh, thats when you know you have a shoe problem!! All the shoes that I bought were under $15USD a pair! Now that is definitely a great deal, especially since the majority of them are regularly priced $19.99USD and above.

The first pair that I bought was the multi-colored flats. I never thought about buying flats like these befre and just loved them when I first saw them. I don't like flats that are scrunched up in the back because sometimes they are uncomfortable. I only own one other pair that is scrunched up in the back, which is also from Target as well. The other pair is way too small and hurts my feet whenever I wear them for too long. The back part starts digging into the back of my heels. I tried stretching them out but haven't worn them again. I might give them another try or give them away to my sister. I guess with these kind of flats, I need to buy a full size up. For me, I wear flats that are 6 1/2 but with these Target flats, I need to buy 7 1/2. Hopefully these will fit better on my feet without hurting them. These were originally $14.99USD but were on clearance for $10.48USD, which is a couple of dollars off. With these flats, I feel like they can pretty much go with any casual outfit.

The second pair I found and was so happy to finally have is a pair of studded flats. These are so cute! I love how I can wear these anytime and also wear these for going out. These are just nude flats with studs all over the flats. I was so happy because they were the last ones and were in my size too! Totally meant to be! LOL I can't wait to wear these soon! These were originally $19.99USD but were on clearance for $13.98USD!! That is a pretty good deal for comfortable studded flats.

The last pair that I love are the nude pumps! I am so freaking happy to have these! I have been eyeing these since they came out but couldn't justify paying $29.99USD for a pair of pumps unless they are name brand. My rule is never pay over $25USD for heels inless they are name brand and will last a long time. LOL I was so happy when I saw these! I have been hearing about how comfortable these are from so many people. Plus Michele1218 raves about these pairs all the time, especially in her OOTD videos. She loves them so much that she bought them in other colors as well. She says that they are super comfy to wear to work too! I love how these make my legs long longer and slimmer. I can't wait to wear these with skinny jeans and/or dresses. These were orginally $29.99USD but I bought them for $14.98USD! Thats 50% off, which is a super great deal since these are Target's most popular pumps.

So that is all for my shoe haul. I am definitely gonna go to another Target store to see if they have any other shoes on clearance. Definitely expect another shoe post from me soon. I definitely suggest going to your Target store soon to see if they have any shoes on clearance! If you do decide to go, definitely let me know and what pair of shoes did you end up buying. I would love to know!

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