Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SPOTTED: New Sally Hansen & WnW Collections

Hey everyone! I wasn't planning on going to Walgreens today but my little brother came home early from school because he had a temperature of over 100. After taking him to the doctor, I had to go to Walgreens to get his presciption filled. While we were waiting, I decided to check out the beauty aisles and noticed some new displays. I think all of the new displays that I was lucky enough to spot were all nail products. The first one that I am going to be showing you is by Sally Hansen and it is the Sweet Sorbet collection for the Hard As Nail nail polish line.
Sally Hansen Swet Sorbet Hard As Nails Collection

I just love how on the display, they feature different scoops of sorbet and I have to admit, just looking at all the scoops was making crave for some sorbet. I just love the names of the shades as well as the actual shades themselves. All the shades look gorgeous for the upcoming Summer! I can see some of these shades on my nails, looking gorgeous at the beach! There are six shades in this collection and all of them are gorgeous colours.

The shade names (from left to right) are:
  • 360 Nail'd it!
  • 260 Party Hard-y
  • 400 Rock-a-billy
  • 230 Heart of Stone
  • 420 Mighty Mango
  • 610 Hard Lemonade
(L-R) 360 Nail'd It, 260 Party Hard-y, 400 Rock-A-Billy

(L-R) 400 Rock-A-Billy, 230 Heart Of Stone, 420 Mighty Mango

(L-R) 230 Heart Of Stone, 420 Mighty Mango, 610 Hard Lemonade

I know for sure, I am hoping to get my hands on at least four of the shades. I would have bought some but I was in a rush because my brother was complaining of a headache. The four shades that I am definitely eyeing are Nail'd it!, Party Hard-y, Heart of Stone, and Mighty Mango. What shades are you hoping to get your hands on?

Now, I am going to be talking about the Color Bloom collection for the Hard As Nails nail polish line. I wish I had arrived eariler to take the picture of the display becayse apparently one of the shades was very popular and already sold out by the time I arrived. Darn! There are six shades in this collection but I only know the names of five of them. Sorry. I must admit though, all of the shades are gorgeous and what I feel to be shades that can be worn all year around but thats just my preference.
Sally Hansen Color Bloom Hard As Nails Collection

The shade names (listed from left to right) are:
  • 100 Hard To Tell
  • 320 Love Rocks
  • 440 Tough Love
  • 180 Set In Stone
  • 760 On The Rocks
(L-R) 100 Hard To Tell, 320 Love Rocks, 440 Tough Love

(L-R) 180 Set In Stone, 760 On The Rocks

To be honest, even though all the shades are gorgeous, the only one that I have my eye on is Love Rocks. I just love different shades of pink nail polishes even though I probably have way too many. I still might have to pick that one up the next time I am at Walgreens. I still wonder what the other shade is and how gorgeous it is since it is already sold out. What about you, what shades are you interested in picking up from the Color Bloom collection?

Yes, I spotted another Sally Hansen collection at my Walgreens while waiting for my little brother's medicine. Wow, Sally Hansen is really stepping up their game and coming out with so many new collections. So far, this is my third Sally Hansen collection that I have seen so far. This collection is for their Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips line and based after a broadway music and soon to be movie, which will be out in theaters June 2012. If you don't know what I am talking about, Sally Hansen came out a Rock Of Ages collection.

Sally Hansen Rock Of Ages Salon Effects Collection

I think there are only 8 new designs because I could only spot the names for the first 8 shades placed in front of the display where the designs in the back were from old collections. Some of the designs are very pretty and will hopefully be on my nails soon.

The design names (listed from left to right) are:
  • Ready to Rock
  • Rock N' Roar
  • Zip It!
  • Star Quality
  • Amp It Up
  • Good Gene's
  • Fingerlace Gloves
  • Sticks and Stones
(L-R) Red-y To Rock, Rock N' Roar, Zip It

(L-R) Zip It, Star Quality, Amp It Up

(L-R) Amp It Up, Good Gene's Fingerlace Gloves, Sticks And Stones

I must admit, I am definitely wanting the Fingerlace Gloves design. I am a big fan of lace and have always wanted to try out the lace designs. I know that Sally Hansen came out with a design similar to this when it was first featured but I can never find out so I am glad that I now have an alternative. Which design are you looking forward to wearing on your nails?

Last but not least, I also spotted a new nail polish kit from Wet N Wild! It is the Summer Getaway collection. In this collection are 6 mini WnW nail polishes. I don't know the names of these shades but I am sure that they are all regular shades from the FastDry nail polish line. If I ever do find the name of the shades, I will definitely post them.
WnW Summer Getaway Mini FastDry Nail Polish Set

So that is all for my SPOTTED post. Whew, that is definitely a lot of new collections? Yay! Which collection are you moost excited for?
**All written content and pictures belong to me. Please do not use or steal for any reason.**

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