Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mini ULTA Haul

Hey everyone! Whoa, I feel like its been a while since I hauled anything from Ulta. I feel like they haven't been having any good sales lately. Hopefully they will have their 40% off sale again because I am definitely excited for that one. Let me know if you guys are the same as well. LOL Anyways, the only reason why I decided to shop at Ulta again was because they had sent me a $3 off anything coupon in my email so of course, I had to use it. I actually went in not nothing what to get and since there wasn't anything that I was really interested in, I didn't want to spend money on something that I wanted excited for so I decided to look in the clearance section. I was hoping that I would be able to find something about $3 so that way, I would just end up paying tax. Pretty smart idea, yes? LOL

I just ended up finding one thing that was around $3. I actually never tried it before but have sometimes thought about giving it a try since people tend to like CoverGirl foundations. They actually had a couple of CoverGirl items on clearance. I just got the CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation in "450 Creamy Beige." Hopefully its the right color since they didn't have a huge selection to choose from. Usually I would just go with anything that has the word "beige" in it and pray that its the right color. LOL

I was glad that I only paid tax for this item and of course, I had to ask for a sample! I swear sometimes employees at Sephora and Ulta are sting-ey with their samples. Come on you guys get them for free to give out to your customers, do what you are expected to do. Am I right? She only gave me one sample (disappointed), which was the Prada Luna Rossa sample. I haven't smelled it but I will probably just end up giving it away to someone.

Anyways, that was my short haul. This was probably my smallest haul on makeup. Let me know if you guys ever hauled anything small like this before. I haven't tried the foundation yet but hopefully it will match and work great on my skin. I was kind of hoping that it will compare to the CoverGirl Outlast foundation. I would just get the Outlast foundation myself but all the reviews that I have read on it say that its a bit on the heavy, thick side so I want try other foundations first since I'm not much a fan of thick formulas.

Have you ever tried this foundation before?
Do you like CoverGirl foundations?

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  1. Sephora gives out samples? I never knew... I know if you ask for a sample of a specific thing, they might give you some but I didn't know you can just ask for random samples.

    1. Yeah they give out samples at checkout as well, the ones that are already packaged (like the ones that you get when you make a purchase online). You just have to ask for them since the cashiers are mostly sting-ey with giving out free samples. Just make sure you ask at the registers when you make a purchase.

  2. I have not tried Covergirl foundation. I'd like to hear what you think of it. I only tried their eyeshadows and lipsticks, which I'm not very impressed with so I sorta just stopped checking out what else they offer. I agree, my Ulta is very stingy with samples, lol. They rarely ever offer me any same with Sephora but Sephora isn't as bad as Ulta. Let me know when they have the 40% off sale.

    1. Really? So many people like their eye shadows and especially their new Outllast foundation. I wish there were more nice cashiers like the one that I had a while back when she gave me a bunch of perfume samples. I miss her. LOL


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