Monday, November 3, 2014

Swatches: ELF Studio Blush "Pink Passion"

Hi everyone! I was going through my makeup collection and noticed that I had an ELF Studio blush that was wedged all the way in the back of one of my drawers. It did take me a while to get it out because I had to take some items out before I could reach it. Since I have had this blush for a while, I decided to finally take it out of its box and swatch it. I was surprised that I had never used it before I love ELF Studio blushes. I already own a few of them and I love the ones that I have.

At first, when I saw how vibrant this blush was in the pan, I was a bit scared to wear it. Maybe that was why it was "hidden" in the back of my makeup collection. Some people would be intimidated to wear this, much less swatch it because of how bold it is. Plus it looks like a barbie pink in the pan.

When swatched, Pink Passion is actually a gorgeous pink. It isn't too vibrant making you look like are wearing too much blush. This is a blush that you can wear to brighten up your cheeks. It is definitely a wearable blush - one that I can see myself wearing all year around. If you are a fan of matte blushes, this one would be one that you would love. Just make sure not to use a heavy hand with this when packing it on.

I was actually surprised with how gorgeous this blush one once I tried it on my cheeks. This is great for those who are on budget because it retails for $3 and you can find it at your local Target, Walmart, and other select stores. If you are someone who wants to try out different blush shades and are on a budget, I would definitely recommend this.

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